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About our events

Bringing private practice lawyers and in-house lawyers together

Market leading events covering key topics and offering market insights, that bring Private Practice and In- House Lawyers together for networking and learning opportunities.

Chambers Awards

Chambers Awards celebrate the accolades of globally recognised lawyers , firms and in-house teams.

Employing the research conducted over the past twelve months by our team of 200+ researchers, Chambers Awards reflect:

• Notable achievements
• Impressive strategic growth
• Distinguished client service

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Chambers Webinars

Chambers Webinars are designed to offer insights into the legal market across key jurisdictions and practice areas. Our webinars are hosted by our editorial team, leading private and in-house lawyers and industry experts, whom offer unrivalled insights and knowledge into their respective area of expertise. 

Our dedicated webinar platform allows us to deliver fully interactive and immersive webinar sessions. 

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Chambers Forums

Chambers Forums are full-day conferences that draw together top experts on key topics within their jurisdictions and open lines of communication between Chambers Editors, leading General Counsel and recognised firms on a global scale.

Chambers Forums include a number of sessions:

• ‘State of the Market’ Discussion
• Private Practice Sessions
• Round Table - Topic Lead Discussions
• Editors’ Reception
• ‘How to' Chambers

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Chambers Editor's Reception

Chambers Editors’ Receptions offer distinguished networking opportunities to ranked lawyers and clients with the participation of Chambers Editors. Each Editors’ Reception is bespoke to the jurisdiction in which it takes place..

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