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About Alternative Legal Service Providers

With the increasing proliferation of alternative legal services providers, clients can now choose between a broad range of businesses offering their services for tasks traditionally handled by law firms. Utilising service centres in low-cost jurisdictions and in-house technology, these providers are often a more efficient and cost-effective option without sacrificing quality. 

Chambers ALSP 2022 is the third edition of our guide to the alternative legal services market and provides a market leading alternative legal service providers list in each of our rankings.

In this release we have added further detail and analysis to our ranking tables in Flexible Legal Staffing, Contract Lifecycle Management, Litigation Services and Law Firm LPOs. We also have two market-specific rankings tables in Spain and the Asia-Pacific region. 

The report is the product of interviews with the service providers themselves, their clients and third-party market insiders, and the analysis of qualitative feedback concerning technical ability, client service and value for money. 

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Guide Coverage

Flexible Legal Staffing

Flexible staffing providers ranked

Flexible legal staffing is one of the original subsets of the alternative legal services sector. Founding figures Axiom and Lawyers on Demand have been joined by new entrants to the market, adding to the diversity of choice for clients. 

Contract lifecycle management

CLM service providers featured

Considered the mainstay of legal work outsourced to third-party service providers, contract lifecycle management (CLM) platforms allow in-house legal departments to unlock value by shifting commoditised but often time-consuming and volume-intensive tasks to LPO providers and law companies. 

Litigation Services

Litigation Services providers

Alongside eDiscovery*, the litigation services offered by alternative legal services providers encompass a broad scope of technology-based processes designed to automate the volume- and time-intensive tasks associated with commercial litigation and investigations. 

*More details on eDiscovery technology providers can be found for USA-based companies and for UK-based companies.

Law firm LPOs

Law Firm LPOs

Recent years have seen the launch of many new alternative legal services providers, including captive platforms launched by law firms. A number of leading firms in the UK and USA have launched their own alternative services to clients, ranging from flexible staffing and managed legal services through to more novel models aggregating third-party services into composite solutions for clients. 

As a ranked firm you are invited to take an enhanced profile which is accessed directly from the ranking table. This will allow you to highlight all your capabilities, contact information, provide you with Ranked in Chambers logos and give you platform to host your articles, case/work highlights and press releases. 

Please contact Jeremy Stephenson to learn more. 

Meet the Research and Editorial Team

Simon Christian
Global Research Director
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Chris Nicholson
Research Manager
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Legal Topics for Chambers ALSP

Analysis of Leading Alternative Legal Service Providers for 2022
Discover why the market is seeing a rise in ALSPs and see what clients have to say about those ALSPs they have worked based on the Chambers Alternative Legal Service Providers 2022 guide and data.

Diversity and Inclusion Highlights for Chambers ALSP 2021
Read about the actions in place to increase diversity and inclusion in the sector.

Chambers Alternative Legal Service Providers 2022 e-Edition available to download.

Find the top Lawyer and Law Firms across Alternative Legal Service Providers 2022 in our e-Edition, now available to download per chapter.

Guide Resources

Flexible Legal Staffing Sector with Peerpoint
Flexible Legal Staffing Sector with Peerpoint
Ben Nickson and Peerpoint, Allen & Overy’s global flexible resourcing platform, for a discussion on the opportunities to be gained in the FLS.
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