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Chambers Business Intelligence

Chambers BI is a data-driven platform with a comprehensive view of the global legal market.

Tap into a global view of the market with Chambers Business Intelligence

Chambers BI arms law firms with the tools to analyse, assess and benchmark its performance against over 6,400 global peers and 188,000 lawyers.  

Access data to inform decisions

Chambers BI is an essential solution for firms to gain a competitive edge, identify market trends, risks and new opportunities whilst discovering actionable insights to support decision making. 

Historical Chambers Ranking with Chambers Business Intelligence

Data for law firms with the cognizance to stay ahead

As a Marketeer, your victory depends on becoming first to market with the next exceptional idea. See how your firm's rankings have evolved, understand how the market perceives your firm, reduce the burden of analysing Chambers results and identify emerging competitors.

As a Partner, sound choices are formed on quality data and relevant insights. Reliable and up-to-date business intelligence allow you to leverage the data to differentiate your firm from others. At the same time, benchmark practice against others, understand how your practice area is evolving and identify the rising stars at other firms.

As Knowledge Management and Research, obtain everything you require to stay two steps ahead of your markets and media in one integrated platform. We equip you with detailed analysis to increase the speed of resolution for information requests, leverage Chambers data for a specific research project, support projects to target potential new clients and critique the current peer groups for particular regions and practice groups. 

Evaluate your firm and the legal market

Analyse the market & talent in the industry
• Base your firm’s strategic decisions on quantifiable data
• Track the global legal market and trends across the sector
Database of historical rankings & editorial
• Discover the areas your firm have improved in overtime
• Access historical Chambers Rankings
• Understand areas at risk to focus on
Access embargoed rankings
• Early access to your firm's rankings 2 weeks prior to guide launch
• Gain a head start in producing marketing materials to showcase firm rankings
Competitive intelligence & peer analysis
• Obtain a unique insight into your main competitor's rankings and the wider market
• Identify areas of potential growth for your firm
• Assess peers to benchmark against

Legal market outlook

As the legal marketing continues to evolve, firms are faced with a variety of existing and emerging pressures. This is not only from the existing competitor base in our core markets but also from new entrants such as ALSPs and the Big Four accounting firms investing in their legal propositions.

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Firms utilising the power of Chambers BI

TozziniFreire Advogados Law Firm Logo Chambers BI Users
Natália Zulzke, Communication Analyst
“Chambers BI is proving to be a fine tool, saving us time and constantly upgrading our market analysis with strategic information.”
Barbosa, Müssnich, Aragão Law Firm Logo Chambers BI Users
Bruna Mota, Business Development Coordinator
"Chambers BI is a platform with comprehensive information, and its use has greatly optimized our market research time."
Lefosse Advogados Law Firm Logo Chambers BI Users
Camila Luz, Head of Communications and Marketing
"The business intelligence platform is a great tool for Marketing teams at law firms. It saves you time in the analysis of the results, and it provides useful information for marketing materials. We highly recommend it!"

Our clients