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About Chambers Canada

Chambers Canada recommends leading lawyers and a range of provincial, national and international law firms based across the country for those looking for the most suitable providers of legal services.

Each firm ranked is based on the Chambers ranking system which are established from the most in-depth market analysis and comprehensive independent research, all carried out by our experienced team of London-based researchers.

The Chambers Canada team continues to work with law firms of all sizes, from small local boutique firms to large full-service firms to ensure we provide unparalleled insight to clients with various types of legal needs.

To find out more about our research process and how we rank firms please see our methodology page.  

Research Updates

We are pleased to announce the release of the Chambers Canada 2023 research schedule, which can be found at this link.

We have changed the upcoming submission deadlines for the Chambers Canada 2023 guide. Read the latest research updates in English and French.

Chambers Canada 2022 Guide Launch Webinar
Watch the guide launch webinar and discover key findings from this year's research and learn what is new in this edition of the guide with an overview from the Chambers Canada team.
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Chambers Canada 2022 is the seventh edition of the guide. Our skilled team of researchers conducted in-depth research between February 2021 and May 2021.

During this time our researchers spent several months carefully analysing law firm submissions and conducting thousands of interviewees with client referees to ensure our knowledge and understanding of each submitting practice was extensive, allowing us to provide market-leading reviews and rankings.

Chambers Canada 2022

Law Firm Departments ranked
Ranked Individual Lawyers
Up-and-Coming and Associates-to-Watch

*This data is correct as of 1st September 2021 

Canada 2020 - 2021 Trends

The Chambers Canada team and Chambers remain committed to ensuring that our coverage of the ever growing and evolving legal market across Canada is reflective of the market realities and trends and to the requirements of those looking for detailed analysis and insights on the top law firms and lawyers across the country.

Last year, our team predicted that we would continue to see a significant amount of work in the practice areas of restructuring and insolvency, however as a result of government financial support we noticed a slow-down in this area this year, apart from in certain sectors which continue to be hard hit by the pandemic, including retail, hospitality and entertainment. A combination of factors means that the future of the oil and gas extraction industry in Canada remains uncertain - with consumption remaining well below pre-pandemic level, the number of companies in financial distress meant we saw a notable amount of M&A activity in the space with companies seeking to consolidate in order to survive. 

During our research phase and discussions with legal professionals and the wide market, we were able to observe and analyse an uptick in work in the capital markets space in Canada with a lot of money raised in the public markets. We also saw an increased amount of M&A and financing work undertaken in the tech space, particularly in British Columbia. As expected, our top-ranked healthcare sector and employment lawyers remained especially busy providing guidance to their clients on how to govern effectively during COVID-19. We expect to see continued high levels of work in the healthcare space next year, concerning the regulation of COVID-related drugs and devices and the role of technology in the delivery of health care services. We also expect to see an increasing number of COVID-related employment claims and cases next year, such as those relating to vaccination mandates. 

• COVID-19: impact on retail, hospitality and entertainment sectors
• Oil and gas crisis
• Robust capital markets, tech sector
• Healthcare
• Employment

Canada 2022 Submissions

The increase in work we have seen in Canada over the last year has also meant an increase in the participation of law firms in our research.

Increase of Referees
submitted since 2016
Increase of Referees interviewed since

*This data is correct as of 1st September 2021 

Gender Diversity in Canada 2022

We continuously strive to partner with all law firms to ensure their female partners and associates are included in our research process, as diversity and inclusion in the legal market are vital focuses. In Chambers Canada 2022, we have seen 22% of women presence across our guide. 

Female lawyers' presence across the guide
Newly Ranked Female Lawyers
Practice areas - % increase by gender
• 66% increase of women lawyers in Investment Funds: Fund Formation
• 50% increase of women lawyers in Energy & Natural Resources: Mining
• 37.5% increase of women lawyers in IP
• 25% increase of women lawyers in Litigation: General Commercial
• 16% increase of women lawyers in Restructuring/Insolvency

*This data is correct as of 1st September 2021 

Legal Topics for Chambers Canada

Chambers Canada 2023 FAQs
Find answers to all your frequently asked questions related to submissions, referees and help topics on ranking within Chambers Canada 2023 Guide.

New Chambers Canada Head of Research
Read about the appointment in the Chambers Canada team of a new Head of Research.

Chambers Canada 2023 Research Schedule
Discover key changes to the 2023 edition of Chambers Canada and details on the research schedule for the guide.

Diversity and Inclusion Highlights
The Chambers D&I statement for the 2022 edition of the Canada guide highlight key diversity stats and discuss the initiatives in place to help further diversity within our rankings and the wider legal market.

Meet the Research and Editorial team

James Roberts Chambers UK Legal Topics Author photograph
James Roberts
Head of Canada Research
Contact James
Kush Cheema
North America Research Director
Contact Kush

Chambers Canada 2022 e-Edition available to download.

Find the top Lawyer and Law Firms across Canada 2022 in our e-Edition, now available to download per chapter.

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Chambers Canada 2023 Submissions process
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How-to Chambers: Canada 2022
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