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Often referred to as 'the gold-standard', Chambers delivers insight and analysis on the global legal profession that is unrivalled in its reach and depth. Our independent research collects information about organisations, individuals and the marketplace.

1. Making a submission

What are submissions and why provide one?

Submissions are sets of information provided by law firms and lawyers concerning a specific practice area. They present an opportunity to demonstrate why your firm should be ranked in Chambers.

Chambers provides submission templates which you can download here. Using the Chambers template will guide you through all the relevant information we use to conduct our research and is completely confidential.

Who can submit and when?

Chambers identifies the best law firms globally, whether they are multi-national or boutique and submissions are open to any practicing law firm. There is no charge to submit.

We have a set of annual submission deadlines for each practice area within our guides, which can be found here.

How to make a submission

There is no ''secret formula'' to writing a good submission. We simply want a clear summary of the most significant facts about your practice such as:

  • Size of the team
  • Key partners and individuals
  • Key clients
  • Work highlights during the past 12 months
  • Industry expertise
  • Areas of recent growth

When used in conjunction with other sources, this information supports the research process in determining whether a firm or individual should be ranked within our guides.

Providing client referees

We also require a list of referees, whom we may interview. A referee is usually a client, although it can be anyone who has experience and knowledge of your firm in that practice area over the preceding 12 months. Providing referees allows us to gather feedback on your practice. We use these interviews to understand the views and experiences of your clients and this helps to inform our decisions about the rankings.

Anonymity is a fundamental principle of our research interviews and the identity of interviewees will never be revealed. Any quotes we publish from our interviews are anonymous.

*Please note that you cannot make a submission for the GC Influencer guide. Our GC Influencers have been identified following in-depth market research 'primarily telephone interviews’ among private practice lawyers and other in-house counsel.

Step 1

Download Submissions Forms

Step 2

Complete and upload your submission and client referees

Step 3

Client interviews begin submissions are analysed

Step 4

Chambers Editors review, discuss and approve the findings

Step 5

Rankings and results are announced

2. The Research Process

How is research conducted?

We rank lawyers and law firms based on several factors and considerations, all of which are investigated by our research team. They are employed full-time and work throughout the year contacting lawyers and clients directly by telephone and email.

Research on each practice area is conducted by a dedicated Research Analyst who reviews the submissions provided by the law firms and carries out interviews with clients and lawyers alike.

The work of each Research Analyst is overseen by an experienced Editor or Deputy Editor.

research analysts delivering in-depth global analysis
languages so we can get feedback from referees around the world
editors with in-depth knowledge of the marketplace

3. How does Chambers research inform the rankings?

Sending a submission and being interviewed by Chambers does not guarantee a ranking. Sending a submission is only part of the ranking process. In our analysis stage, we also consider the feedback of clients, peers and other independent market sources.

  • Submissions are primarily used for assessing recent work done and comparing peer-to-peer
  • Interviews are primarily used for assessing client satisfaction and reputation in the market.

What does Chambers assess?

During our research we analyse the information gathered via submissions and interviews based on a set of main factors and considerations:

Technical Legal Ability:

Expertise and experience specific to the practice area and jurisdiction

Client service:
  • Speed
  • Responsiveness
  • Clear business language
  • Decisive opinions

Depth of team:
  • Ensuring strong support at all levels

Commercial vision and business understanding:
  • Awareness of the importance of these matters to a client’s business
  • Understanding of the future direction of their industry

  • Rigorous attention to detail
  • Standards of professional conduct

Value for money:
  • Efficient staffing
  • Organisation and innovation to save clients time and money

Law Firms and Departments

A law firm ranking relates to a department within the firm, not to the firm itself.

Where a firm has several departments specialising in different areas of law, we may rank some departments and not others.

Where a firm has several departments specialising in different areas of law, we may rank some departments and not others.

Individual Lawyers

Individual lawyers are ranked in their practice area(s) based on their legal knowledge and experience, their ability, their effectiveness and their client service.

Please note that an individual lawyer can be ranked while their law firm is not and vice versa.

Finalising rankings

Researchers, Deputy editors and Editors conduct internal meetings to analyse the research conducted and finalise the ranking tables.

Listen to our podcast, where our Editor Toby Eccleshall explains what's new in Chambers USA 2020.

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4. Results and awards

You will be notified if you are ranked at the end of the research period. Firms will see a complete list of the lawyers and departments from their firm who will be ranked by Chambers in the upcoming guide once they have logged into My Account on

Based on the research conducted, Awards are presented to firms to celebrate their achievements and developments, taking into account:

  • Notable achievements
  • Impressive strategic growth
  • Distinguished client service

For further information about our events and sponsorship opportunities please contact [email protected]

Questions about our research process or methodology?

We invest significantly in our research and pride ourselves on understanding the profession, and how it is changing and cover new emerging topics and regions. If you have any questions on the research, please visit our FAQs or contact [email protected]